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General Weather Situation

At present we are in the process of loosing a westerly low that brought wind and rain to some parts over the last week and this is being replaced with an Azores high pressure which will provide us with an Indian Summer. (So break out the factor 30 and wrap arounds 😛 )

In a re-run of previous autumns, the jet stream is undulating significantly and allowing high pressure / warm air to build under the peak. (see pdf attachment)

So a very simple forecast, the weather will be dry and become increasingly warmer this week, with the warmest temperatures easily hitting mid-twenties in the South of England. At this stage I think we’re settled for the next week to ten days in this pattern, though there is a low pressure sitting off Ireland and this will rattle in if the high pressure weakens. Winds will be from the south, light, but increasing as we go through the week and after today, cloud cover will decrease, so it’ll be very bright.

I expect this will also result in some heavy dew formation, as heat is lost to the atmosphere at night when cloud cover is absent.

Rainfall after some light showers today will be non-existent, fine if you’ve had plenty, but not good news for us here in The Midlands 🙂


At the moment I think that the warm, settled weather will last till at least the early part of next week and after that a low pressure system is set to slowly move south.
Having said that, it won’t surprise me if I’m typing the same weather report next week as this week because of the inherent weakness in the pattern of the Jet Stream.


The area of interest over the next week or so will be how disease reacts to the combination of warm temperatures and heavy dews.
If surfaces dry out quickly I can see disease pressure dropping back after the initial surge as temperatures increase from the early part of this week.

The combination of temperature and moisture (from last week) will also make fungicide application interesting because one would expect grass growth to pick up significantly during this week and that’ll effect the longevity of your applied product, particularly contact fungicides. I think if you already have disease ‘nibbling away’ (like that term) in the background, then I would apply this week because the population is likely to grow very quickly, however if you’re clean, you may want to sit it out, but be warned, I expect there to be a disease surge.

From a nutrition perspective, liquids are the order of the day, light rate tonics with plant hardeners and elicitors are best suited to this weather pattern, but keep iron rates on the sensible side because they will desiccate the plant and if your rootzone is dry and the air is hot, that may spell trouble in the form of wilt and tip scorch, especially on areas of overlap.

As with last week, this is a great time to establish seed and also apply late-season herbicide applications to difficult to control weed species.

All the best and enjoy…
Mark Hunt