Hi All,

Just a quick update today as the in tray is full and needs to be cleared before I take next week off!

General Weather Situation

High pressure remains in charge for a short while longer, but alas it isn’t to last as our summer stutters once again and fails to get off the mark. A weak low is predicted to build North-West of the UK and this will bring sunshine and showers to the west side of the UK and Ireland over the course of next week, whereas the east will be settled, dry and warm.

So the country will be effectively split in two, in a reverse pattern to this week where the east and middle of the U.K has been cool (until the cloud cover burnt off) as that North Sea Haar has covered the area and taken the warmth out of the high pressure and also brought in some very variable night time temperatures, two nights ago we were 8°C, last night 20°C! The east and South-East of the U.K will be more settled with warmer temperatures as we finally lose that north wind for a few days, whereas the west will be a bit cooler with sunshine and showers and a South-West wind, so not brilliant weather, but at least the waves will be good at St David’s 🙂

There will be rain through Ireland on Saturday to dampen the afternoon at The Irish Open (Good luck Davey), though Sunday looks ok, if a little dull. Just before I leave the Irish theme, Monday’s bank holiday looks so-so with some light showers over Wicklow and Dublin and another rain front for Tuesday affecting Connact and Munster before moving eastwards. Amounts will be light on the whole and hit and miss, though the Scotland, the North-West and West of the U.K will pick up some of that eastbound Irish rain on Wednesday.


I’m well aware that areas have dried out again since the last rain and it’s no surprise when you look at the attachment.

This morning I took a plug from a fairway and it was bone dry and extremely hydrophobic, not only in the surface, but also deeper down the profile. This means any rain will have either shed from the surface and / or flowed down fissures / channels through the soil profile, rather than wetting it up thoroughly, hence the reason areas are going back under stress so quickly. I’ve attached a pdf of a few images to highlight this point. You’ll also see from the images what an effective competitor moss is, because it can withstand a higher % dessication than the normal grass species found on fairways.

Right that’s it for now, the in tray beckons…

Mark H