Hi All,

General Weather Situation

The low pressure system that brought the rain over the first part of the Bank Holiday weekend has moved off, but left a weak front that is currently providing cloud cover and pegging back temperatures over the U.K and Ireland. Hands up, I thought it would be warmer and didn’t spot that weak cold front, so my forecast was inaccurate because yesterday has to have been one of the chilliest August Bank Holiday Mondays for a good while, temperatures here struggled to 14°C and with a brisk wind felt a good deal colder. I was bobbing about in a boat on Eyebrook Reservoir and it was positively Baltic, though the Trout were very obliging 😛

A weak high pressure system is now in charge and so the theme will be settled with light winds and will remain so until we approach the end of the week.
Temperatures will be on the cool side, mid to high teens, higher if the sun does break through and there’s more chance of this happening from Wednesday / Thursday onwards. Rainfall amounts will be light, with no rain fronts visible until the end of the week. From Friday, the winds will gradually begin to strengthen as the remnants of the Hurricane Irene weather system moves down to influence our weather for the weekend and next week.


I can’t see an Indian summer at this stage of the proceedings 🙁

The weekend looks potentially mild, wet and breezy, with a higher risk of rain the further north and west you are, because that’s where the weather is coming from.
Light rain will push into Scotland by Friday afternoon and a more consolidated rain front will approach Ireland on Saturday, affecting Connact and Munster during the day. This rain front will push eastwards into Wales and the South-West on Sunday and quickly more across England during the day, with more rain reaching Ireland on Sunday. Winds will be breezy, intensifying during next week with perhaps heavy rainfall in the U.K for the start of the week as the rain associated with Hurricane Irene moves across the U.K and Ireland, though at this stage it’s projected to affect the north and Scotland more than the south. So next week looks like being a mixture of sunshine and showers with a keen Westerly / South-Westerly wind for the week.

Agronomic Situation

The first point I’d like to make concerns spray windows in that this week is a good week to spray and next week may be more problematic, both from a wind and rain showers perspective. The cooler temperatures over the Bank Holiday and in particular that chilly wind will have knocked the colour out of most areas, particularly greens and growth will be slow on fine turf and outfield areas, even with the rain of last week. Disease in terms of Fusarium and Red Thread will be active this week, but with the drier conditions and slightly better temperatures from mid-week, I’d hope most areas can be grown out without the need for a fungicide spray.

Nutrition-wise, it’s going to on the coolish side this week and next, so a change away from summer-based feeds is on the cards, at this stage I’d just tickle greens along with light rates of low-temperature available foliar feeds, mixed in with iron to perk up the colour. Nothing too heavy at present because of the threat of disease.
If you do need to generate more growth (say for recovery after aeration), I’d be using light rates of autumn-winter granular formulations to tick things along at present.

All the best.
Mark Hunt