Hi All,

Back from a lovely week in St David’s, but that intrays full again, so I’ll make it short and sweet…

General Weather Situation

As you’ll note from the attached pdf, the weather for August is following a similar pattern to July, in fact almost identical.

It means our weather will lack consistency as it oscillates between low and high pressure systems, for instance last week, the South and South-East of the country sweltered in 30°C heat under the influence of high pressure, whereas in the west, low pressure was calling the shots, so it was 16°C some days.

This week we have low pressure moving off into the North Sea and allowing high pressure to build for a few days, before another low pressure builds and affects the weather over next weekend, before the high re-asserts itself and so on…..

Starting with today, we have a band of well scattered, but heavy showers over the U.K and Ireland, these gradually move away to give a cool night, down to single figures in places, before a better day on Tuesday, with little sign of rainfall. On Wednesday, heavy rain moves into Connact early on and quickly pushes into Scotland and Northern England by lunchtime, thereafter pushing southerly to affect the rest of Ireland and the North Midlands later in the day. Thursday looks predominantly wet for most areas, before drying up for Friday. The respite is short-lived because low pressure swings down to give a wet weekend with the rain moving into Ireland first and then across the U.K through Saturday and Sunday. The South and South-East of England will stay pretty dry throughout the week and warm by mid-week with little rainfall in sight, that said, you guys have had alot more than the Midlands, which must be one of the driest parts of the U.K now. Temperatures will be mid to high teens in the U.K, but warmer in the South and South-East, reaching low 20’s. Nights will continue the cool theme to the summer early on this week, but will pick up from mid week as we lose that North wind.

The best spray days are Tuesday and Friday for most places, though the blustery winds may detract from opportunities elsewhere in the week.


Next week looks to start off unsettled, following in from the damp weekend, but by mid-week high pressure moves in and this settles the weather down again, for a few short days, before another low looks to build at the end of next week.

There isn’t an agronomic background this week because of my week off 🙁

All the best…

Mark Hunt