Hi All,

Not sure how many of you are going to be reading this, but I thought I’d keep the blog going through into the New Year. At least the focus of doing this stops me tucking into that box of Bassetts Allsorts and adding to my Christmas lard belly. Well, what a mild Christmas Day that was !, 12.5ºC air temperature and 9ºC soil temperature, mildest in Scotland and not a hope of winning my Paddy Power bets, ho hum 🙁


 General Weather Situation

For more weeks than I can remember we have a continuation of the Atlantic blocking event that has kept cold air away from the southern half of the U.K and Ireland for most of the winter so far.  That warm high is currently pushing mild air westwards across the UK with double figure night temperatures. Approaching mid-week, a cooler low develops that takes 2-3ºC off the temperature and moves the wind round to the north-west. This low pushes rain into Ireland, Scotland and Wales through Tuesday and persists into Scotland through till Wednesday. More rain arrives into Ireland / Scotland and Wales by mid-week, falling as wintry showers over the higher ground of Scotland on Thursday. A new rain front reaches Ireland by Thursday p.m and this rain eventually pushes south into The Midlands and Southern England giving a wet end to the week here, with the rain lasting most of the day.

Saturday starts off wet in Ireland and this rain pushes eastwards to affect Scotland, N.England, Wales and the South-West of England during the morning. These showers will affect The Midlands and the south of England during the day, pushed along on a mild, westerly wind. Sunday looks to continue the wet theme, with a strengthening wind.


More of the same really as next week looks to start off mild, wet, with plenty of rain over the U.K and Ireland for Monday and Tuesday. Winds will be strong to gale force, strengthening the further north you go. As the high pressure system sits just below the U.K, temperatures will remain mild, with no risk of frost as we go into January. To be honest, I can’t see any change in the present weather pattern of alternating cool, wet low pressure systems and mild, southerly high pressure systems, so no winter on the horizon.

Agronomic Notes

It’ll be interesting to see when we’re back to work, how disease has developed over the Christmas period. I’m hoping that despite the mild temperatures, populations of Fusarium that have been kept under control prior to this, will have not developed significantly.Certainly with the milder temperatures they’ll have been some growth and for those of you who gambled and seeded areas late into the autumn (because of lack of rain prior to that) , that new seed will have continued to develop over this period. Thanks to all of you who have submitted rainfall figures, they’re providing an interesting insight into the pattern of rainfall over the U.K and Ireland.

All the best.

Mark Hunt