Hi All,

General Weather Situation

At present, we’re bang on last weeks forecast with a cold, miserable high pressure dragging cold, damp air off the North Sea, but my hunch was correct and we’re in for a nice change mid-week as the strong Atlantic Jet Stream pulse pushes in milder weather and displaces the high to the continent (best place for it).

So from mid-week, the wind will swing round to the South-West and push milder, damper air in on strong winds. They’ll be a cooler lull at the weekend (typical) when the wind will swing round to the North-West, but by the following week, a Bay of Biscay high will pull warm air up from continental Africa and we’ll be back into mild weather for the start of March.  The Atlantic air flow will pull in rain fronts as one would expect and they’ll move over us on Tuesday/ Wednesday and Thursday / Friday, so a damp week in store.

Regional Specifics

For Monday, we have a cold rain front moving westerly over Ireland, Wales and the North of England, falling as snow at higher elevations, but this clears away and the South of England will escape this. The rain never really leaves Ireland as a new pulse hits Kerry tonight and pushes north and eastwards to affect Wales and the South-West by the morning and then tracks across the whole of the U.K during Tuesday so a wet day is in store. Wednesday sees another rain pulse affect West-Ireland early doors, moving into Wales and the South-West during the early morning, but this clears away to leave a dry day for all and noticeably milder temperatures in the afternoon.

The next rain pulse arrives Thursday late morning in Sligo, Galway and Kerry and moves eastward across Ireland reaching Northern England by early morning, pushing into Wales and Central England during the day, so a wet finish to the week, but it’ll feel mild, maybe hitting 15°C at the end of the week. (Break out the factor 30:)

Next Weekend and Outlook

At present the weekend looks showery on Saturday, but a little cooler than the end of the week as the wind switches round to the North-West, so temperatures will be high single figures. The start of next week should be dry and milder in the South of England, but windier and cooler in the North as a high and low pressure system battle it out, with the dividing line over Northern-Ireland / North England. Longer-term, can’t see any snow still, so either mother nature is saving it up till March or maybe we’ll actually have a Spring this year, you never know :).


First, I’d like to point out that when I mention spray windows, it’s not purely a reference to fungicide applications, it means liquid tonics, fertilisers and possibly fungicides if they’re appropriate, this isn’t Greencast.

The mild wetter weather will initiate growth on all areas and I’d expect to see more Fusarium activity, especially around the circumference of large patches of Snow Mold from the winter, but one would like to think that these will also start to grow out and recover. In general higher-height of cut areas on tees and elsewhere have already started to show good recovery with the milder weather in February.

A number of clubs have cored / tined / vertidrained of late and can expect to see good recovery continuing from this work, but it’s going to be difficult to get out there this week because of Saturday’s rain from last weekend and this weeks forecasted rain.

Nutrition-wise, more of the same, granulars where they are due, particularly on moss-affected areas as the moss will be fully wetted up by now.

I’ve started doing a few nematode analysis of late and it shows that the milder January and February has influenced an earlier start to their life-cycles, particularly endoparasitic species like Root-Gall, Sub Anguina and Root-Knot.

On the insect front, you can expect a bit of pecking activity this week from Corvids looking for worms and probably Bibionid species which are close to the surface at this time of year.

The best spray window this week is Tue / Wed for the south of the U.K, but chances are few and far between in the North of  England, Scotland and Ireland.

All the best.
Mark Hunt