Hi All,

General Weather Situation

High pressure is set to dominate the weather at present and for the next 7 days at least, as the predicted Atlantic high has moved into situ over the UK and Ireland.

There are a number of consequences of this ;

a) A cooler North wind will dominate proceedings making it feel a tad parky.
b) It’ll be drier than of late after last weeks predicted rainfall
c) A return to ground frosts if cloud cover breaks over your location

So cooler, but drier, is the order of the day as we head into March, with the early part of this week cooler than the end of the week, but typically temperatures will be in mid to high single figures during the day and around 0 – 2°C during the night, but that really depends on cloud cover.

Regional Specifics

For once we have a pretty similar weather pattern over the entire UK and Ireland, so once early showers have moved away on Monday, I can’t see much rainfall thereafter for any area. There’s always a chance of moisture coming in off the North-Sea when the wind is in this direction, so the highest likelihood of showers will be in the East of the U.K and The Midlands. Cloud cover-wise the clearest days look like being towards the end of the week and we should pick up a slightly milder air flow by then to raise daytime temperatures.

Next Weekend and Outlook

After a reasonable, but coolish, dry weekend with light winds from the North-East, we should pick up a bit more temperature as the wind swings round to the South-East,
The chances of ground frost look as high, if not higher than this week, but again we look like staying dry, so that’s probably good news for those of you involved with aeration or finishing off winter projects. I’m keeping my eye on a very deep, low pressure system that is currently projected to skirt over us towards the end of next week.
This is carrying cold air and snow, but at present is projected to pass north of the UK, propped up by the Jet Stream, but we’ll see.

So to summarise, March will start dry and cool.


I’d expect growth on greens to be slow for the beginning of March as the combination of dry-cold is never one to stimulate much above ground.

That said, it is good for stimulating root growth, so any early March aeration should encourage some new rooting, though recovery will be slow until we move out of this weather system. Off-green areas, like tees, approaches and fairways should tick along nicely, but any granular applied this week and next will be slow to kick in as granule breakdown will be slow with the lack of moisture. After last weeks milder and wetter weather, I’d expect Fusarium to be active, but it shouldn’t be too aggressive with the cooler weather forecast. I’ve had some reports of Bibionid Fly activity, so expect pecking activity by Corvids (That’s Crow species to you and me) for these and earthworms brought to the surface with last weeks moisture.

Spray windows are pretty good this week and the early part of next, but I guess just getting a sprayer around site will be pretty tricky at the moment.

All the best.
Mark Hunt