Hi All,

General Weather Situation

Well the rain arrived and along with it, cool breezy weather, exactly as forecast and I have to say it made for a great Open Championship.

Rather than explaining why the weather has been so cool and changeable over the last 6 weeks, I’ve attached a graphic/explanation which I think illustrates the point nice and clearly 🙂

So for this week, the low pressure system remains in charge and will push down heavy showers on a brisk northerly / North-Westerly wind, pegging back the temperatures, with the main rainfall in the first part of the week and gradually drying up from mid-week onwards, but currently I’m tracking a very heavy area of rainfall for next weekend. Since these are heavy showers, some people will get them, so won’t and to illustrate this point, my Dad measured 14mm in his rain gauge over the last four days, whilst I measured 19mm and we only live 2 miles apart !. Night temperatures will be on the cool side, dipping to 10 – 12C and day temperatures will be mid-high teens, the latter if the sun pops through…

Weather Outlook

Gradually this low pressure system will drift off eastwards from the start of next week and this will allow a ridge of high pressure to affect Ireland and the south and west of the U.K, so the temperatures will warm up and the wind will lessen in intensity, but wether this will last is tricky to forecast, my hunch is that we may go into August with fine weather, but like I say, it’s tricky.


The cool, wet weather will bring much-needed rainfall, but as I showed last week, the ground is still very dry underneath the immediate surface, however I expect outfield areas to continue their recovery, though they could benefit from light foliar feeds to help them on their way. If you’ve an event coming up, definitely mix in a little iron to optimise colour whilst we’re on the cool side. That’ll also help to dry out the leaf and discourage Red Thread activity.

Greens are showing plenty of fungal activity at present with Fairy Rings the main culprit and Anthracnose / Fusarium reported to me last week.

I’d suggest keeping nice and tight application frequencies (every two weeks) with cool-temperature available nitrogen sources – ammonium sulphate / potassium nitrate, mixed in with urea / or slow release liquids and light rates of iron to maintain colour. Personally I wouldn’t be growing mad with a PGR at present on greens because with the cool night and days, soil temperatures are lower than normal and so is the growth potential, therefore there’s less growth to regulate.

Spray days are limited this week because of the rainfall and wind strength, so it’s a case of picking your moment really.
If you have damage from Anthracnose, now would be a good week to apply a light rate granular fertiliser, Sarrell Roll to encourage recovery root development and if you can, topdress between the showers…all of this will aid recovery.

All the best.
Mark Hunt