Hi All,

General Weather Situation

After a very hot and humid weekend here in the Midlands, courtesy of a high pressure system, the weather is set to change from Tuesday/Wednesday as a low pressure system moves in and centres itself over the U.K from mid-week through to the other side of the weekend. With no jet stream pulse to move it along this will bring wetter weather to most parts over the course of the week, because the low pressure is effectively stuck over the U.K. The change is due to start on Tuesday as the first rain moves into Munster early in the morning and then moves east to affect all of Ireland during the morning.  This rain front pushes into South-West England and Wales during Tuesday afternoon and then across country, but amounts will be light and the showers will be pretty scattered by then. Winds will be South to South-West and breezier than of late. Temperatures will be mid to high teens through the day and low teens at night.

Showers will continue through Wednesday morning, becoming consolidated in the afternoon to bring rain to most parts, with pretty much the same pattern for Thursday with plenty of rain around, though because this is a westerly low, the east of the country will be least-affected. Friday is set to start dry, but again rain moves in to affect all of the U.K, except the far east during the day.


The weekend could turn out a damp affair with a dry start on Saturday before that rain kicks in again and moves across Ireland and the U.K.
The low gradually dissipates over Sunday so temperatures will begin to pick up and winds will moderate, but I still expect rain around on Sunday and Monday.
High pressure is set to briefly interject for the early part of next week, but another low is forming out in the Atlantic and this could bring more unsettled weather for the end of next week.

Spray Days

Best spray days will be early this week and early next week, unless of course you’re planning to apply a soil treatment (wetting agent for example) in which case all of this week will be suitable provided the wind strength isn’t too strong. I’d be using this weeks weather to my advantage by applying wetting agent and biostimulant mixes, especially considering the stress of last weeks high temperatures and humidity.

Agronomic Situation

It’s strange really, but chatting to a few lads last week, it’s almost like the summer hasn’t started yet, even though we’re into July, with conditions are more consistent with Spring (well what Spring should be like that is). The dry, hot conditions over the last few days will have stressed and dried out alot of areas, and this will curb the high growth rates of last week, especially on outfield areas. With cooler temperature and rainfall this week, E.T rates and therefore applied plant stress will drop and hopefully that’ll mean a respite from hand watering.

Disease-wise, conditions (temperature, moisture, humidity) will favour fungal growth, especially Red Thread and Fairy Ring, and we’ll still have Fusarium lurking, but I expect growth rates to be high enough to remove this from the canopy without the need to spray thankfully.

All the best
Mark Hunt