Hi All,

Well, you’ve probably reasoned by now that the absence of a wet and cool weekend in the south meant that high pressure prevailed and pushed that weather west and north yet again, so those lads got fair hammered with wind and rain, whilst it stayed dry in the south. The graphic on the left illustrates the rainfall pattern so typical of this year.

Here in The Midlands, the dry spell continues and Anglian Water are now asking permission to pump water from the River Nene into reservoirs to maintain supply, god knows what happens to golf courses next year if the rains don’t come ?

General Weather Situation

A cool, and at sometimes an extremely windy week in store with some rain for all. A good frost for many areas has started the week in the U.K, whilst to the west, it’s milder and wetter, with rain already moving into Connact, the South-West and then into Wales later today. It’ll feel a good bit milder for Monday night and Tuesday as the wind swings round to the south-west, but that wind will push rain further eastwards over Tuesday. Amounts will be heavy across Ireland, the west coast of England, Wales and Scotland, but will lessen as it progresses eastwards. Another rain front pushes west and north on Wednesday and this may also bring rain to the South, along the M25 during Thursday and by then it’ll feel noticeably cooler in the wind. The wind will be strongest over Scotland and I expect a heavy fall of snow across the mountains there by the end of the week with drifting. Further south we’ll end the week with showers pushed along on a biting wind, so a taste of winter from a temperature perspective.


The weekend looks windy and cool as the low pressure passes over the tip of Scotland and this will push a raft of showers over Ireland and the U.K over the weekend and the beginning of next week, falling as snow on higher ground in the north. I’d also expect some frosts over the early part of next week. Winds will be predominantly north / north-west, so feeling cold and they’ll be some showers around with possibly heavier rain for the far south, early doors in the week. Thereafter it’ll be interesting to see because projections suggest another high will build and force the cold low away for the latter part of next week, but we’ll see.

Agronomic Notes

The cooler weather for the south and east will drop soil temperatures noticeably and I’d expect them to be where they are normally for this time of year, so 6-7 °C for most. This means the pressure on cutting will decline markedly, especially on greens, but it’ll also put a check into fairways and roughs. In a way this is good as we need nature to consolidate itself before the winter because a soft, succulent grass plant is more easily damaged by cold, frost, snow cover and wear. You also need to save on your diesel bills for November, which are over budget for many with the higher cutting levels this month 😛

Disease pressure will also be dropping away, although the mild interlude over Monday and Tuesday will increase the activity level briefly. There’s a stark contrast out there between the efficacy of different disease management programs and for sure the last 6 weeks have provided a stern test for any regime. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, but if you’re clean, then fair play to you.

Not much to suggest from an application perspective at present because the high winds will put pay to any spraying this week (as predicted last week), however if you’re waiting to apply a late season granular, this would be a good week with the chance of some rainfall and the fact that soil temperatures are dropping away, so there’s less risk of a flush and disease.

All the best and wrap up well 🙂

Mark Hunt