Hi All,

Before I start on the weather, I just want to pay my respects to a great, young rider – Marco Simoncelli, who died during the Sepang MotoGP race yesterday,  you’ll be greatly missed No. 58.

Today’s blog is a short one because I’m supposed to be off, but I didn’t want to let you guys down.You’re no doubt wondering why the wet weekend I forecast didn’t transpire?, well you can see from the image above that a high pressure system over Europe is pushing the heavy rain down the western side of the U.K and Ireland, so currently they have the heavy rain and the central and south of the U.K doesn’t.

General Weather Situation

So currently we have a strong low pressure system just off the west coast and eventually this will swing inland as the continental high weakens to bring cooler temperatures and rain for the early part of this week. The weather will then quieten down before another low pressure system heads in to influence our weather for the middle part of next week.

Let’s put some detail on this…For Monday, we’ll have a pronounced West-East split, with a band of heavy, torrential rain currently crossing the South-West of England, South Wales, Ireland, the North-West of England and Scotland through the day. The east and central U.K will have a dry, breezy day, with reasonable temperatures (hence I’m off to Wells-Next-The-Sea !). Later today another heavy band of rain pushes into the east coast of Ireland, so a very wet end to the day for Cork and Dublin and it’s the tail of this rain front that is predicted to push north and eastwards from the early hours of Tuesday to bring rain to all areas through the day.

This rain front will prevail over the southern half of the U.K through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to bring sunshine and showers, with Tuesday the wettest day of the week, but as usual the rain proximity will always be biased towards the west of the U.K. Ireland and Scotland will dry up over these days and the weather will then settle down as we approach the end of the week, with cooler day temperatures and early morning mists leading into bright, sunny days for the central and east of the U.K. (and more cloud for the west). Temperatures will be in low double figures day and night, dropping where the cloud cover breaks and winds will be from the south.


Next week should start quietly with a continuation of the end of this weeks weather, but with more cloud cover, temperatures in the low teens and a southerly wind pattern. The wind will gradually strengthen in the early part of the week, move round to the West-South West, as a new low pressure system arrives to influence our weather from mid-next week onwards.

Again this system will bring rain, but at this stage it looks like it will be mainly in the north and west of the U.K and Ireland as per usual.

Agronomic Notes

Really a continuation of last weeks advice as the weather is following a similar pattern. Currently my reports are that Fusarium pressure is low, but this will increase when moisture arrives, so be on your guard.

Spray days for this and turf tonics will be available once this current low pressure system works through (Wed onwards), so curative or your second preventative fungicide applications should be able to made in good conditions.

Soil temperatures should continue to hold up after last weeks dip with frost, so any seed in the ground will continue to germinate and establish. Currently Perennial ryegrass is taking about 10 days from seeding to chitting on my observations and I see this continuing with the current weather outlook. So if you’ve any bare fairway areas that you’re considering over-seeding (and many people have) and you’re worried that it’s too late in the year, I’d go for it…

All the best.