Hi All,

As we tippy-toe into 2013, I’d like to start my last blog of 2012 by asking you for all those record rainfall totals that you’ve diligently recorded through the year. We’ll be putting them on a Google Map template and then adding the link in a future blog so you can see how you’ve fared in your area vs. all the other sad, wet, buggers across the U.K and Ireland. It’ll be downloadable so you can print it off and put it up in the clubhouse for all your members with their selective memory buttons. In 2011, we had for many our driest year ever, with the lowest figure – 223mm recorded at The Belfry (Bet it’ll be 3x that this year wee man 🙂 ) According to the Met Office, 2012 will go down as our wettest year since records began (1910 I think) and that’s taking into account the first 3 months were extremely dry. Here’s 2 pictures from the park behind my house that summarise this autumn and winter. (There’s never been lying water there before)









If you could please email them to our resident I.T guru – Paul, by clicking here, that would be great, I know he’s eagerly awaiting them (ha ha, drove him mad last year it did)

For the start of 2013, I bring you glad tidings 🙂 as we have a high pressure, yes that’s a high pressure (and a warm,dry one at that) heading our way for the start of 2013, does this mark the start of a change from trough pattern to peak pattern maybe ????


General Weather Situation

Starting off for today, Monday, we have the last of the rain pushing through, together with mild temperatures and a strong south-westerly wind. The rain should clear all but the far south-east of England and Wales by this evening so if you’re out and about getting predictably smashed to celebrate the start of 2013 and dry weather, you should be ok. For Ireland and the west of England they’lll still be some showers around though, For New Years Day, we have some snow showers and rain over Scotland, but for the south of England, they’ll be some sunshine and it’ll be dry. Further north, they’ll be more cloud cover, but it should be dry, maybe a little mizzly, drizzle around. For Wednesday, we have a weak band of rain over Ireland and a heavier band of rain pushing into Scotland during the morning and this will push south into the north of England during the day. Winds will be light from the west, so not bad really. They’ll be more cloud about as well, but in places it’ll break to give a nice spell of sunshine and temperatures in the high single figures. For Thursday, we have more cloud cover and again a dry scene pretty much U.K / Ireland-wide and I haven’t said that for awhile :). Friday looks similar with a dry outlook, maybe a bit of weak rain over west Connacht, later in the day the sun should break through, particularly the further south you are. Temperatures will pick up a bit in the sunshine and it’ll feel spring-like, so lovely. The weekend looks like staying dry at this stage, perhaps a little cooler, but with bright conditions on the Saturday and a little more cloud on the Sunday. Winds will be light and westerly, south-westerly.

 Weather Outlook

Next week looks like the high pressure is going to slowly break down as a rain front pushes into the north and west for the start of the week. Temperatures will drop away so it’ll feel cooler with the highest chance of rain mid-week. Winds look to remain light, so not bad, just a bit dull, cool and dreary January, with an increasing risk of night frosts and fog developing from mid-week.

Looking on the bright side, we’re into January, the nights will soon begin to stretch out noticeably and we’ve got a weather window to give everything a chance to dry out. This may allow you to hopefully re-engage / engage with those winter projects, that supply much-needed focus and motivation, after a truly dull, wet and crap time of late.

No agronomic notes this time because I haven’t been out and about on golf courses, don’t forget to wing those rainfall totals to an eagerly waiting Paul 🙂 Many thanks in anticipation.

All the best and Happy New Year to you and your families, thanks for all the feedback through the year, much appreciated.

Mark Hunt