Hi All,

Just a quickie update to say that the opportunity to put down a Christmas period liquid tonic and / or a preventative fungicide application appears to be pretty limited for the next 10 days at least, with the possible exception of Monday next week.

This weekend we look to get a slightly mild interlude, with temperatures briefly picking up through Saturday evening and into Sunday and then dropping back again through Monday. This could give us 2 frost-free nights on the trot (Sat and Sun), though this will vary depending on which part of the country you’re residing in. If this is the case, that leaves Monday as a potential spray day.

Thereafter, I can see temperature’s sliding back to low single figures during the day and frosty at night. There’s also potential for some wintry showers down the east coast of the U.K during next week and I think the risk of snowfall will increase towards the end of next week / weekend.

The South-West of England, Wales and Ireland look to have potentially slightly longer to make an application as the colder weather is coming in from the east.

Just thought I’d flag it up to you folks..

All the best…

Mark Hunt