Hi All,

My Rain Gauge !

Some of you, like me, woke up to a fresh blanket of snow today after moisture moved in from the North Sea and fell diagonally across the country from The Wash through South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, The Midlands and down the east side of England. Further north in Yorkshire, Cumbria we had frozen rain, an oddity, but pretty tricky from a driving perspective. This week we’ve had a West-East split with the snow extending across from Kent to Berkshire, but areas in between (parts of Surrey)and further west were clear after the thaw on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ve also been lucky because on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, cloud from the North Sea took the bite out of the frosts and that’ll mean, the snow will thaw quicker when it’ll eventually goes. The West also appears to have missed yesterday’s snow on the whole.

Looking ahead, we’re projected to have our resident Atlantic high pressure positioned just off Ireland and this will bring in mild air, as suggested on Monday, from the early part of next week, even though the wind direction will be north and quite strong next week, so it’ll still feel bitter. It may still mean things may get a bit tricky down the east side of the country mid-week, but I expect from Sunday onwards temperatures will start lifting slowly and this will precipitate a thaw from Monday with cloud cover keeping night temperatures the right side of zero.

If you got off lightly last night, you should be clear pretty soon, but of course the ground will still be frozen. For the east side of the country and The Midlands, it’ll take a bit longer.

Have we seen the last of winter ?……no I don’t think so, but we may just have a respite from the snow of late, for a week or so…..

Next update Monday, have a good weekend….below is my sledge design, pretty apt really because for Gents, if you go down a bumpy hill face first on it, ‘damaged goods’ is exactly what you’ll have !!!!!

Mark Hunt

A1 Sledge design, pillow, Damaged Goods Bag, Duct Tape !