Hi All,

Just a quickie update on the outlook for snow as I know it affects a lot of what we do. Obviously we’re frozen pretty solid as it stands so if we do get snow cover, that should mean less risk of Snow Mold developing under it because the ground is frozen. We got down to -7°C this morning and that’s the fourth hard frost in a row.

Onto the snow, as suggested on Monday, we have a band of wet air coming into the U.K, across Ireland today and tomorrow, for the west this should just fall as rain. (It looks to be reasonably heavy through Saturday)

The issue will be where this moist air meets the cold air from the continent and obviously that rain will turn to snow. At present this looks like being a line down from the North of England to The Midlands, but the tricky part for me is determining whether it’ll fall as rain, sleet or snow and that we won’t know until the day. II think it’ll fall as snow over the Midlands from tomorrow afternoon through the night and move away by the early hours of Sunday.

Again as predicted earlier in the week, we have another high probability of snow from Tuesday / Wednesday next week, here it’s mainly confined to the west of the U.K initially, but there’s a strong chance it’ll move inland and again if that cold air is persisting from the east, it’ll fall as snow for the North of England and The Midlands.

I would add that I haven’t seen so much uncertainty with the weather patterns for a long while, so it’ll be interesting to see what Mother Nature throws at us, but it is the first week of February, so we should expect this.

I’ll be doing a more in depth update as per usual on Monday, so I wish you a good weekend. A top tip for a good sledge is a strong fertiliser bag, an old pillow shoved in the end and sealed with duct tape, boy do they fly !

All the best

Mark Hunt