Hi All,

Just a quick one as they say 🙂 to give you a glimpse of potential light at the end of the tunnel. As I watch the digital readout on my Irox weatherstation nudge past 17.6mm of rain overnight and more predicted today, you could be forgiven for reaching for the Prozac.

The weekend looks unsettled, but the further south you are, the drier it may be and Sunday looks like being a nice day for most, with rain confined to the west of Ireland (p.m.) and north-west Scotland.

The projections are showing a subtle lifting of the jet stream next week which will allow some warm, potentially hot weather in to Ireland and the U.K from Monday p.m. Now I know the next question is “Warm, but dry Mark ?’, sadly not all week, but I think this may at least give us some good drying days next week, certainly early on. There is rain around through the week don’t get me wrong, but the important factor in my mind is that the pattern looks to hold after this rain moves through (i.e the jet stream is still higher than it was), so this promises more warmth, more dry days than wet ones.

Another positive effect of a higher jet stream is that weather systems (low pressure) are moved through quicker, so instead of having a fixed low pressure centred over the country repeatedly dumping it’s rain, it is pushed eastwards over the course of 24 – 48 hours, which is more normal.

Now as we all know with the weather, sticking your neck out and saying this is a fixed change is not a clever thing to do. After all history is littered with forecasters who’ve done such a thing, but for me I’ll be looking at it closely and of course updating you on Monday to see if the pattern is holding or slipping back to where it was. Have a good one and pack that bucket and spade if you’re off on your hols as you might just get a chance to use it on some days

All the best

Mark Hunt