Hi All,

Just thought I’d post on my blog about the ‘months worth of rain’ we’re due to receive over the coming days and where exactly is going to be the worst-affected. Below is a simulation courtesy of those great guys at….












You can see the main band of heavy rain is going to affect the region from London up to The Wash and this will track westwards through the day into Wales by early-mid afternoon, pushing into Leinster and then later to affect mainly Munster by the evening and through the night. My stats show a predicted level of rain of 20 – 25mm through the day, but the BBC is quoting 40-50mm, so we’ll see who’s right.

As you can see from the graphic below, the centre of the low pressure is situated slap bang on top of the U.K and because of the lack of jet-stream, it’ll rotate around this centre point over the next 48 hours. Today’s rain is I think the heaviest of the next 3 days though, though Sunday’s could be pretty bad.

A very genuine all the best…


Mark Hunt