Hi All,

As we start of July, I’d love to type here that the weather is finally coming good, but I’m afraid that’s not the case. The pattern is staying the same, that is to say, a low positioned jet-stream that is allowing north Atlantic, low pressure systems to pull cool, wet air down from Greenland on a weekly basis. Yes, I know it’s kind of depressing really….today the Olympic Torch is coming through Market Harborough and there’s a high likelihood that it’ll either be blown out or washed out, or both…It’s not much consolation I know looking back at last year, but I couldn’t remember what June 2011 was like, so I looked and the temperature pattern bears an uncanny likeness I think, it’s just this year we had 3 times the rain (150mm in June 2012 vs. 50mm in June 2011).  ..


General Weather Situation

This week we have last week’s low pressure back to do another lap of the U.K and Ireland and as you can see from the animation above, the centre of the low hardly moves, a feature of a recalcitrant jet-stream. So that means a cool, damp breezy week. (sorry)

Monday sees rain pushing in from the south-west during the morning with the majority of rain moving diagonally across Ireland and the U.K, the latter moving in a line up the M5 across to The Wash and pushing northwards as it goes on a brisk, south-westerly wind. Towards the end of the day, the rain reaches the south-east and lingers through the night. Tuesday looks like a re-run of Monday, except that they’ll be more rain to start the day in the south-east before that clears temporarily until the next front comes in later in the day. Wednesday looks to be sunshine and showers as the order of the day, pretty much everywhere and still that brisk south-westerly wind is with us. Thursday looks to start dry for most areas, except Ireland, where the low is centred, but again rain showers will push in from the west later in the afternoon and make their way northwards. Just in case you thought this was pretty dire, the worst of the rain is sitting out east of us over the North Sea and let’s hope that’s where it stays. At the risk of sounding extremely repetitive, Friday follows the same pattern as that low pushes rain in from the west, moving up the country as it does. The weekend looks to follow a similar pattern with maybe less wind, but it’ll be on the cool side with rain and maybe Sunday will be a better day in part.


The low pressure looks to be staying in place over the U.K for the start of next week and gradually edging off eastwards through the week, so at present the outlook is remaining unsettled, but maybe with less wind.

Agronomic Notes

A lot of dull looking turf out there at the moment, I guess the frequent cutting, rain and lower availability of sunlight has something to do with that. It’s during periods like this that we have to rely on iron and magnesium to maintain colour without producing anymore growth.

It goes without saying that disease pressure remains high with these conditions and especially with that temperature and humidity on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week. Red Thread, Fairy Ring and Fusarium are top of the list.

Growth on outfield turf remains high, but greens seem to be just ticking along, the absence of any stress for this time of year is a benefit for sure.

Nutrition-wise, it’s still the same pattern, using a mix of low temperature and high temperature nitrogen forms, so that’s urea, ammonium and nitrate N, to kick the turf ticking over. This week won’t be a great spray week as you can imagine with the frequent rain and ever-present wind, so if areas need a pick up (like tees for example), a light-rate granular will be the order of the day.

I took a sample of the rain last week and it was falling at a pH of 6.2 and contributing about 0.3kg / N/ hectare per inch of rainfall, a little lower than normal.

Keep smiling…

Mark Hunt