Hi All

Although I’m sitting on a lovely mountainside in France basking in the sun, I appreciate it’s been a rough week in the U.K weather-wise and I’m sure with the amount of rain that has fallen already and with a wet and windy end to the week, you’re probably wondering whether there’s any light at the end of the tunnel or if it’s been turned off !.

The good news as you can see from the Unisys-animated-GIF above is that the warm weather affecting the south of Europe is set to push up into the U.K over the course of next week and finally we’ll see a start to summer.

So once we get this wet and windy low pressure out of the way (the weekend and early part of next week), the weather will start to settle down from Tuesday next week and progressively get warmer as the week goes on. Since the weather is coming from the south, it’ll reach the south of England first and then gradually move up the country and it’ll also cover Ireland.

So I’m hoping that’ll mean plenty of dry cuts, a chance to get bunkers re-instated without it all washing back down the faces the following day and a reduction in disease activity(Fusarium) as the sward begins to dry out.

It will of course mean a potentially large growth flush with the saturated ground and then a hike in temperatures. If it’s anything like here I’d expect temperatures to hit 20°C + by the end of next week, so again it may be a good opportunity to PGR the harder to maintain areas like bunker banks, tee banks, ditches, etc…

I’ll update next Monday to see if it’s still on track, fingers crossed.

Finally, I’d like to wish good luck to all the English riders, but particularly Cal Crutchlow in MotoGP and Scott  Redding in Moto2 at this weekend’s British MotoGP at Silverstone, the rostrum beckons lads 🙂

Mark Hunt