Hi All,

Back from my French travels and now fully ‘in sync’ with our lovely summer weather, no more factor 30, Croissants and Pain au Chocolats for me 🙁 . Cracking MotoGP and congrats to Cal Crutchlow for riding from last to 6th with a broken bone in his ankle incurred the day before and also to the loopy Scott Redding finishing 2nd in Moto2, if anyone caught the latter, they’ll know why it’s the best, hardest racing on the planet bar none and makes Formula Snore (1) look like the dull, expensive procession it is.

Unfortunately my optimism from last week that we were heading for some drier, settled weather is going to take a bit of a hammering because a new low is now projected to form later this week to return us to wetter, cooler conditions. On a brighter note, I still think that the weather pattern is slowly changing, with the jet-stream inching its way higher, so that means the chance of drier, warmer, weather increases. (I’m an optimist at heart)

General Weather Situation

At present we have settled conditions after the wind and rain of Friday and Saturday, but as intimated earlier, it’s just a pause between the arrival of a new low pressure later in the week unfortunately. Monday is a day of sunshine and showers with light, warm winds. Rain fronts are pushing into Ireland and the west of England and moving eastwards and northwards, so there’s more chance of rain a.m and more chance of sunshine p.m. Tuesday looks dry with the only rain confined to showers for the north and Scotland, winds will be south-west and I’d expect high teen temperatures, so all in all, pleasant. Wednesday follows a similar pattern, but with more chance of rain for the north-west of England and Ireland, particularly in the afternoon. By Thursday, that low pressure is winding itself up and pushing a heavy rain front across Ireland and the U.K, so a wet start to the day is very likely. Friday will be windy from the west / south-west , with frequent blustery showers and this will set the scene for the weekend really, feeling a little cooler, with strong winds and frequent rain, but there will be some sunshine as well.


This low is due to move through much like this last weekend’s, so for the start of next week, the winds will decrease and temperatures will pick up. At this stage it looks to continue this way through till mid-week, with no sign of another low pressure, but that can change as we all know.

Agronomic Notes

A bit of a re-occurring theme here and until I get out and about, a little thin on content I’m afraid because of the holidays and the prevailing weather patterns.

It’s a case of picking your days to get work done. For the majority of places this means, Tuesday and Wednesday to apply products because Thursday’s looking pretty wet and that may mean conditions are tricky in terms of getting out and about on Friday, plus the wind will be up, so that’ll rule out spraying.

As per my recent notes, priorities at present would be PGR’s on hard to maintain areas and also herbicides because the combination of warm and wet weather is certainly making weeds grow at a phenomenal rate.

Fusarium is still about and it’s the usual toss up between growing the disease out or spraying, I prefer the latter, but it’s not always a viable option. Red Thread is also very prevalent with the current high moisture levels and Fairy Rings are also making an appearance.

All the best.

Mark Hunt