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Firstly a bit of housekeeping….If you click on the ‘About my Blog’ at the top left of the page, it takes you to my home page, onto which we’ve added some useful technical information including an updated tankmix chart for 2012. The links are bottom right on the home page.

Onto the weather, as you can see from the schematic above and to the right, the basic weather pattern remains unchanged, so we can expect more of the same cool, unsettled weather for the time-being with plenty more rain I’m afraid.

General Weather Situation

Currently we have a deep Atlantic low situated east of Iceland and this is pushing a roughly-horizontal band of rain down from Scotland and the north across the country. After this has passed through it’ll dry up and we’ll have some sunshine and showers for all areas. Ireland will start bright, but those rain showers will soon push in through the morning to affect all areas by lunchtime. Tuesday follows a similar pattern with showers bubbling up after a dry start, so most places will get rain, particularly in the north and east of the U.K and Ireland, with the south-west of both regions possibly missing the worst. It’ll feel cooler again as winds move round to the north / north-west and that’ll take the edge off the temperature from the weekend and the early part of the week. As this rain clears, cloud cover will thin and temperatures will drop with a widespread frost forecast for Wednesday morning. Wednesday should be the driest day of the week for most areas after a nippy start, but as we approach the end of the day, a new rain front will push into Connacht and the west of Scotland, bringing rain, with sleet and snow over higher ground. Thursday sees those winds move round to the west, so temperatures pick up, but of course that means more rain is on the way. This rain will chiefly affect Ireland, Scotland and the north of England and Wales, from a line drawn north of The Midlands, but overnight into Friday, there’s a chance this front will push into The Midlands affecting it for much of the day. The south and south-east of England should stay drier though until later on on Friday. Ireland looks to finish the week largely dry, with rain affecting the east coast of Munster and Leinster.  At present the weekend is looking, well, ‘pants’ is the best way to describe it and I can see myself bailing out the boat again as heavy rain is forecast for the south of the U.K and Midlands, though Ireland may miss this front as it pushes up from France. Both Saturday and Sunday look pretty wet and miserable, so get some beer and a good film in and try not to look out of the window, tie some flies or clean the house, you know that kind of thing…:)


Next week looks to be starting off dry and milder, as we have a hiatus between weather systems, but we have an Atlantic low sitting off Ireland and I expect this to push in by mid-week to bring sunshine and showers on a south-westerly wind, so milder air with no risk of frosts.

Agronomic Notes

Hopefully you’ve been able to get some dry cuts in of late, with this brief spell of drier weather, but this week is going to be tricky, though with the lighter amounts of rain for the early part of the week and a dry Wednesday, it shouldn’t be too bad. The end of the week is another matter though and I can see some pretty wet golf courses over the weekend I’m afraid, so more closures and hassles trying to keep buggies from trashing the place 🙁

St Mark's Fly - Bibio marci

Still plenty of disease around in these milder intervals of weather with Fusarium and Red Thread doing the rounds, but I did see Take-All last week, which is amazingly early. Growth on all areas is pretty constant now, though greens growth will dip briefly mid-week with that cool interlude and possible frost.

There’s a lot of St Mark’s Fly (Bibio marci) around at the moment, they’re usually present from the end of April (April 25th is St Mark’s Day by the way :)), but are later this year, like a lot of things… Their larval stage is the one that causes issues over the autumn / winter with crows and other Corvids pecking for them.

Nutrition advice remains as before, that is light-rate granulars if you need a growth kick or foliars applied if the window presents itself between weather systems…Wednesday would be a key day for this in the U.K at least.

All the best…

Mark Hunt