Hi All,

Just a mini-update on a Friday because I’m off today, but there’s 2 interesting features that are appearing on the weather front.

Weather Update

Firstly, the rain that was projected for this weekend will not appear in anything like the intensity. Rain will move into the south of England, Wales, Munster and Leinster today and then push north through the afternoon, evening to affect all areas. Saturday looks mild and breezy now with a south-west wind once that rain front has moved through, with rain lingering in Munster, Leinster, North Wales, northern England and Scotland, but it’ll fizzle out as we go through the day. Sunday looks a dry day for all but the south-east coast of England where they may just get the tip of that continental rain that is threatening. The wind will swing round to the north again and that’s essentially what’s going to keep us dry now over the weekend.

I think we’ll start the week, dry, mild, but still with those northerly winds, however (and this is the 2nd feature) the weather patterns appear to be changing and it’s just possible that we’re moving out of the trough that has brought us cool weather and rain for April and May to date. As you can see from the animation above, it looks like high pressure is trying to establish itself from the mid-latter part of next week and that means warm and dry if it does occur. Whether this shift is a permanent one or not remains to be seen, but of course it’ll have some significant agronomic affects.

Agronomic notes

The main point of this update is to alert you to the fact that the warmth if it arrives will generate a significant growth flush on all areas, but particularly outfield turf which is already growing well, so I would plan to try and get in as many dry cuts as possible before the end of next week and where you intend to use PGR’s at growth-reducing rates, mid-week, next week, could be an ideal time to apply, i.e. just ahead of the warmth. The same is true for wetting agent and biostimulant applications to maintain plant health prior to any periods of heat.That advice is especially pertinent to those golf courses that are in drought-status affected areas and under an irrigation ban. (hence the reason for the update)

I’ll update as usual on Monday morning and we’ll see how we look then…

Enjoy the weekend. (now)

Mark Hunt