Hi All,

Just a quick ‘heads up’ to say that we’re going to drop off the meteorological cliff from next Tuesday in terms of temperature as a trough pattern is due to form and pull very cold air down from The Arctic. It’s almost a dead ringer for November 2010, but this time I’m not sure the pattern is as strong or will last as long, but we’ll see.

If it pans out as shown above in the Unisys image run, it’ll mean temperatures down to -3°C at night and not much above freezing during the day, due to a bitter north wind. You can see the severity of the undulations in the jetstream quite clearly in the graphic below and specifically how far north it’s going before heading our way.

In terms of snow, there’s a real risk on Tuesday in Scotland a.m and then this will push mainly down the west coast of the U.K, though Donnegal may also be on the receiving end. Through Tuesday into Wednesday, the risk declines, however there is a projected band of sleet / snow forecast over northern England through Wednesday and this will sink south through the day possibly reaching The Midlands overnight into Thursday.

Thereafter I think the pattern may then settle back down into a stable winter high pressure system, so that means cold, but dry.


Image courtesy of NetWeather

Agronomic Notes

Quite simple this one, if you’re planning any spray applications, you’ll need to get them done today – Friday (I know a lot of you wanted to spray Thursday but it was too windy, so that may tie in well).  Thereafter it’s a no-no because although Monday will be mild (ish), there’s a bit of rain around to make life tricky spray-wise. and then we’ll be striaght into heavy frost.

Personally it may be a good idea to skip a cut on Monday as well so you’re leaving as much healthy (uncut) leaf blade on the grass plant, in order to help it weather this very quick transition into winter. (I don’t think you’ll be cuttign much after Monday anyway)

On the plus side, if the trend is as forecast, then we’ll be less rain, more cold-dry, in terms of the weather pattern. It’s going to be an interesting winter…

Enjoy the weekend..

Mark Hunt