Hi All,

Just a quick update to give a ‘heads up’ how the Easter weather is looking and as usual an outlook perspective for the start of April.

Before I start this, I’d just like to say ‘all the best for today’ for John and Charlotte, good friends of mine, who are tying the knot at Normanton Church on the shores of Rutland Water. I commend them for their choice of venue and will be taking my fishing gear in readiness 🙂 I thought I’d help John out a bit by showing him the best pose for the cameras and of course to watch for any fish rising behind your intended’s back 🙂

General Weather Situation

At present, our weather is being controlled by a high pressure system sitting out over Central Europe and it’s this system that’s stopping milder (but wetter) air coming in from the west. There are pro’s and con’s to this, the positive aspect to the weather over Easter is that it’ll be staying dry for the foreseeable forecast, so if your course needs to dry out, then it’s going to get the chance in the coming week or so. The negative aspect is of course the temperature with the wind direction ultimately ‘stuck’ in a north-easterly / easterly pattern, so that means single figures are the order of the day, though I do expect a gradual increase from mid-week, next week to the weekend and you never know, we could hit double figures by next weekend. (Gadzooks)

There’s a chance of some rain over the Easter weekend, just nudging into the south-west corner of Munster (So Kerry really / West Cork), but aside from that we’ll be dry. We will have night frosts, the severity of which will ultimately be determined by cloud cover at night. The thaw for the courses north of Leicester, that are still badly affected by snow drifts on the course will continue, with the afternoon particularly good at shifting snow as the sun rises higher in the sky and stays there for longer. The main issue here are the drifts of snow, which are still over 5-6 feet high in places close to where I live. Here’s a pic from an evening cycle to show you what I mean…..

Weather Outlook

Next week really looks like being a continuation of this week, so primarily easterlies in charge, no sign of much moisture (which will cause issues at some stage on greens) and a gentle warming up from Wednesday onwards as warmer air is pushed into the system. Will it last though, no I don’t think so and at present I can see a return to cold and night frosts well into April.

The underlying reason is the current position of the jet stream, I say current because it’s been there now for a year or so and until it changes, we’re stuck in this trough. This image on the right, kindly provided by netweather.tv, shows the jet stream (in red) and you can see that it’s running parallel to the Mediterranean, whereas it should be running across Ireland and the U.K. Until it changes, we will not get anything like normal weather I’m afraid.

So there we have it, wrap up well for Easter, and try and make the best of it, I hope you managed to get your courses open to take advantage of some Easter revenue. Must dash as have to iron trousers and find a suitable tie 🙁

In next week’s blog I’ll be looking at how things are shaping up weather-wise and talking through strategies to try and initiate growth and minimise stress in these challenging conditions.

All the best and Happy Easter….

Mark Hunt