Hi All,

As promised I’m circulating a mini-update today on the potential for rainfall over the Bank Rainfallradar220813Holiday weekend coming up for the U.K (but not Ireland). I refused to predict this on Monday and after this mornings weather, you can see why. Overnight what was going to be a dry picture changed quickly when a rain front fed up from the Bay of Biscay area and gave the south of England (and The Midlands to a lesser extent) a clattering of rain.

This radar scan from earlier today shows how continental rainfall swept in in the early hours and its tracking path. Mind you, a bit like last week, it was a nice problem to have for some because the driest rainfall readings from you guys are precisely in the main area it affected. I can see from the RainNow radar facility on Headland Weathercheck that Suffolk, Essex and Kent got more than a nice drop early doors – Here’s a data dump from Woodbridge Golf Club, Suffolk for example, I hope you could find you and the lads could find your waterproofs Justin 🙂 !


I expect more rain later today in those areas with a repeat pattern ocurring.

If you look forward to the weekend I can see this happening again with rain feeding up from the south of France, along the Swiss border and then pushing in to the south-east of England on Friday night and into Saturday. At present the orientation of the rain is in a vertical band, mainly affecting a line up from the south east / south of England up through The Midlands up to Newcastle. I’d strongly add the following caviat, that this line could move east or west and the intensity of the rain could also lessen / increase, it’s that unpredictable. Ireland will also be picking up Atlantic rain fronts, through Friday and Saturday as well. As we move into Sunday, I expect there to be a risk of rain again drifting in from the continent and affecting a similar area, this time coming in after lunch as heat builds, but where you don’t get it, it’ll be warm and sunny, with hazy sunshine and temperatures pushing into the mid-twenties, after a cooler Saturday.

Ireland will still have a legacy of rain showers for Sunday, but perhaps not as heavy and the driest area will be out to the west of England and Wales, for a change, with only light precipitation theatened, as that Atlantic rain dissipates over the western coastline of the U.K. Scotland will follow a similar pattern to Ireland, with light rain showers principally affecting the west coast and that southern rain isn’t projected to reach here, so mainly dry and sunny between the showers.

Bank Holiday Monday could be the best day of the three with that rain threat diminishing and a brighter day on the cards after a dull and cloudy start. A little cooler on east coasts as the wind swings round to the north east, so expect some Haar early doors.

Rainfall Data

We’ve still got some coming in and Paul has added Met Eireann data from Ireland as we’re thin on the ground over there for rainfall readings 🙁 This isn’t totally representative obviously as some areas only have 2-3 readings making up the data, but it gives a flavour for the year so far and you can see why this morning’s rainfall was very gratefully received along the east coast of the U.K.


Disease Activity

From my travels and feedback this week, I’m seeing a good bit of nematode activity, particularly Ectoparasitic species like Spiral, Stunt and Sheath, along with some very aggressive Red Thread and with the rainfall / humidity combination, Fusarium as well, so in general disease pressure is high at present.

Ok, back to the grind, I’ll be doing my usual blog on Tuesday next week, as I’ll hopefully be in a boat fly fishing Monday morning on the beautiful Thornton Ressie 🙂

Thanks for all your comments to this blog, feedback to me personally (most of it !) and for the rainfall readings, I can’t this blog properly without it, so ta.