Hi All,

As some of you may have noticed we seem to have experienced some technical hitches getting the blog out over the last 2 weeks, despite it being done 🙁   (just so you know I haven’t been slacking!) For anyone who hasn’t seen Monday’s post, you can find it here.

I’m sending out this mini  blog because I’d like to send out a request  for information in order to be able to look at the pattern of rainfall on a monthly basis over this year so far, so I was wondering if you’d be happy to send in Jan – July rainfall totals on a monthly basis please and we’ll graph them out and have a look at how the different areas of the country shape up.

I know for instance that the east coast / south east coast of England  has had a very dry year and also some parts of Scotland and the east coast of Ireland as well. So if you could send in your monthly totals, plus the club or sports facility name and we’ll collate and publish them as per usual that would be great. I thought of giving the highest and lowest totals a prize, but then I realised we’re “only a small company struggling to survive in an industry dominated by vertically-integrating multinationals”, so decided not to on this occasion 🙂

You can send your information to ;


or just reply to this blog post if that suits you better.

Thanks in anticipation and hopefully back to normal on Monday 🙂

Mark Hunt