Hi All,

Just a quickie to update you on how the snow forecast looks this weekend and next week, particularly for people contemplating attending BTME Harrogate.

As you know the moist air came in from the west and dumped a load over Wales in particular, and I have to say here in The Midlands where they’re quoting 6 inches. (pnar) So the west and central areas took the brunt of it (1 ft in Wales) and the east and north of the U.K largely escaped the worst by my reckoning. Looking on the web cams for Leeds, Wetherby, there’s snow, but nothing like what we’ve got here. The outlook for this weekend is pretty quiet really with some snow showers coming in off The North Sea and mainly affecting the north of the country, so Harrogate may get a bit more today, but nothing heavy. Overnight temperatures will just dip below freezing.

The concern is Sunday / Monday because Meteoblue are projecting moisture coming off the continent (France) and pushing up the central and eastern side of the U.K and this may well hit the areas that have largely escaped so far. BUT and this is a big BUT, weather off the continent in my experience is very variable so it could move west or east, in other words, the situation is volatile.

If it tracks as projected it’ll reach the south-east of England late morning / lunchtime tomorrow and then track up north into The Midlands in the afternoon / evening, all the time pushing up the east side of the U.K. Overnight into Monday this snow band looks to be intensifying and at present it’ll be right over Harrogate, but as I’ve pointed out, this may change. Certainly Monday looks the worst travelling day at the moment, with less snow on Tuesday and then pretty clear at present for Wednesday and Thursday with a light thaw later in the week.

Road conditions-wise I think the east side of the country looks pretty good and so you’d hope getting about on major roads shouldn’t be too difficult, but that all depends on what comes Sunday and particularly Monday.

Decision-Making Information

Firstly, here’s the Meteoblue Weathercheck link for Harrogate, click it and it’ll show the up to date forecast, updated every 15 minutes.

BTME Weatherlink

To see on live weather radar which areas are being affected by snowfall, click on the link below ;

Meteoblue UK Rain & Snow Radar

Finally, for up to date (ish) traffic info, try these two links ;

Highways Traffic

AA Roadwatch – Live Traffic

I’m going to update on Sunday to give a more definitive on that potential of snow off the continent.


Mark Hunt