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Made the journey up yesterday with my indomitable colleagues (Andy, Iain, Adi) as the forecast for today in the north-east of England looked dodgy. Yesterday it was the south and The Midlands that got clattered so tricky driving early on (nearly took out a toll booth on the M6 Toll Road when I took a wrong turn) but north of Nottingham it was fine. So first up I’ll do a Harrogate special as I know a lot of lads and lasses are flicking a coin on conditions / whether to make the journey, etc (just like we were yesterday)

Harrogate Update (11.05 a.m.)

video link – IMG_1362

Harrogate had very little snow as of yesterday evening (1-2″), but from midnight till 5 a.m. it’s had about 4″ and its still snowing now, however the rest of the country has had the worst now for this week, so conditions will only be improving after today. The scenario in my mind is this – Main motorways are running reasonably south of here and by the time most people are travelling up (Tuesday – Thursday), they’ll be fine, as will the local roads in and out of Harrogate. If you click on the video link you can see traffic is moving ok in the centre of Harrogate, so by later today, tomorrow, no problem provided we don’t get a lot more snow today. Even then, I think the gritters are well ahead of the game. Those travelling by air into Leeds Bradford, Manchester, again I expect disruption today, but thereafter should be fine. So if you’re planning to travel up today, I’d leave it till early afternoon and let the traffic and gritters get rid of the snow first, by tomorrow, you should be grand. Feel free to text or ring me for specifics on 07798 501109 before setting out.

 Click here for Meteoblue Harrogate Weatherlink

General Weather Situation

For Monday, we have a concentrated snow area sitting over the north-east of England and Scotland and this is slowly pushing north and westwards during the day, so south of here, it should be clear of snow, maybe some light showers coming in off The North Sea, but nothing to fret over. This snow will linger over Scotland through Monday night, but elsewhere it’ll be clear with a good frost, particularly over south, east and central areas. For Ireland, there’s a band of rain, sleet, snow (higher ground) moving into south-west Munster currently and that’s where it’ll stay most of the day to be joined by another band of the same moving up the east coast of Munster and Leinster into the night. There’s also a chance of sleet and snow moving up the west coast of Munster into Connacht, but nothing too heavy. For Tuesday, a quieter day snow-wise, still with some snow hugging the north-east coast of England and Scotland and perhaps some more lighter snow coming up the Bristol Channel into South Wales a.m., but nothing like what you’ve already had. Ireland looks to have a dull day with perhaps some sleet / rain / snow in south-east Munster later in the afternoon. It’ll be pretty dull, lot’s of cloud cover and winds will be moderate from the south / south-east / east over the U.K. Wednesday is pretty much a repeat, dull, lot’s of cloud cover and some light snow showers pushing in off the North Sea, more inclined to affect eastern coastal regions of the U.K than anywhere. For Ireland, again a chance of some moisture in south-west Munster, otherwise dull and cold like the rest of us. Thursday looks to be another re-run of the previous day, still some light snow showers on eastern coasts, maybe more to the south-east, but amounts will be light. Further west there’s a chance of the sun breaking through along western coasts, so not so bad there. All week I expect frosts at night for the U.K, but not to the extremes of last week, due to the cloud cover. For Ireland, there’s more chance of moisture along the west coast of Munster and Connacht during the day, but otherwise it remains dull and cool.

The end of the week sees a potential re-run of the end of last week initially, with a band of moisture moving in from the west and hitting the cold air over the U.K. Definitely for Ireland I’d say it’ll fall as rain, but for the U.K, we may have more snow initially, however the potentially good news is this moisture will I think push milder temperatures in with it, so although it may fall as snow to start with, temperatures will soon rise along with a change in direction of the wind to the west / south-west.

For the weekend, it looks like being mild, very windy and potentially pretty wet as a strong westerly, low pressure system pushes in from the Atlantic, don’t know about you but I’d rather have the snow gone and I’d like to see some grass again 🙂

Weather Outlook

Next week looks initially to be dominated by this low pressure system, so mild, windy and wet for the start of the week through till mid-week at least. Thereafter the low dissipates a little, but we’ll maintain a westerly air-stream, so a little cooler for the second half of the week, but less moisture around than for the start.

 Agronomic Notes

No notes this week I’m afraid as I didn’t get to see a lot of grass last week !!!!, nearly forgot though, thanks to Mike and Darragh for correctly identifying the flowering tree I posted last week as a  Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis rosea’ and for subtly pointing out that it is supposed to be flowering in January. I’ll stick to grass and the weather in future as I’m clearly crap on trees….

All the best, hope to see some of you this week at BTME !

Mark Hunt