Hi All,

Just a quick ‘heads up’ concerning the arrival of the promised rain as I know this week has seen high E.T rates already (after night frosts ! ) and some of you guys are struggling without irrigation.

The good news is the rain is still on track as forecast on Monday’s blog, so it’ll be moving into the south-west of Ireland on Friday morning and then pushing north and eastwards across Ireland, the south-west of England and Wales. This first rain will miss most of the south-east and south Midlands, It’ll also be cooler as projected with wintry showers over high ground in the north and Scotland. Friday’s rain will push into the north-west / north of England and Scotland later in the day.

Saturday will see more rain pushing in from the west and this will tend to affect northern counties initially but showers are set to filter through The Midlands and the south of England through the latter part of the day.

Sunday’s rain follows a similar pattern initially affecting the west and north, but it’ll sink southwards through the day to give The Midlands and later the south of England rain. The north of England, Scotland and Ireland will be brighter but chilly.

Monday will see more rain and wintry showers pushing in from the north west after a potentially very frosty start and this rain will track southwards and eastwards, again most areas will receive showers.

Thereafter we are looking distinctly unsettled with low teen temperatures during the day and a mix of sunshine and showers through the rest of next week. Hopefully this rain and slightly milder temperatures at night (after the early part of the week) will get growth moving and some recovery if you need it.


Agronomic Notes

With rain signal being strong and the fact that next week will be unsettled, it leaves the rest of this week to get some preemptive applications in, if time and labour is favourable.


Weeds are really moving on a pace now, especially Dandelions so the run up to this weekend is a good time to knock them back with a selective herbicide. Depending on your product choice and tank mix compatibility, you could mix some liquid fertiliser and iron in with that, but only if they’re tank mix compatible mind. (That’s if you need to up growth and colour on the areas in question)

It’s likely that we will see a bit of a growth flush with the arrival of this rain, however with the cool temperatures that accompany it, this shouldn’t be unmanageable. With one eye on the upcoming Bank Holiday, you may want to apply a PGR to hold growth back on outfield areas if you’re wary of them becoming hard to maintain with a combination of rain and growth. I would stress though that the cold nights forecast will help to naturally ‘PGR’ your turf anyway 🙂 Once these are out of the way though it might be better to time an application then, but it depends on getting a spray window with the unsettled outlook.

Conditions for uptake of both of the above operations will be great right through to Sunday, thereafter they’ll drop off a cliff agronomically-speaking because of the predicted night frosts for Sunday and Monday. (see Meteoturf above)

Lastly granular fertilisers on outfield turf, (if they’re planned) we definitely have a good application window this week before the rain arrives, so if you can, use it.

Ok just a heads up, I’m sure you’re all on top of your game and this mini-blog heads quickly into the recycle bin 🙂

Mark Hunt