Hi All,

My main blog will be posted tomorrow because it’s the start of the new month and I’ll be able to collate some January and February data, which is I think interesting. I wanted to quickly update you of an application window which is here for today and may suit some of you. (even though you may be frozen solid this morning with a -3.9°C windchill as we are this morning)


At the present we have a peak in the jet stream passing through on Monday night / Tuesday that will bring both mild weather and rainfall. The latter will be a theme for this week I’m afraid, more on that tomorrow. With mild rain falling it will very quickly elevate the soil temperature and of course provide an opportunity to wash in a granular fertiliser applications.

So if you have granular products to go out, like Mosskiller’s for example on back / front tees or you’re looking to get an early start to March because you have aeration planned in the first part of the month, today represents an application window. It will be going cold after this peak so it won’t push that much growth, but it will prime the plant up for growth as soon as the temperatures rise next.

Currently that isn’t going to be anytime soon as certainly the first half of March is likely to roll out cooler than usual due to a prevailing trough in our old friend the jet stream and a blocking high out in the Atlantic.

More tomorrow…

Mark Hunt